Update for parents: Tuesday 26th May 3 p.m.

Dear parents/ carers,

As you will be aware, on Sunday 24th May the Government announced that wider opening for secondary schools is now from Monday 15th June. On Monday 25th May the secondary guidance detailing the expectations for our wider opening was published.

We assume that the Government is still going to review their position on Thursday 28th May against the five key tests but we are no longer really sure.

Having carefully read the secondary guidance document what I can now tell you is

    1. Staff at the campus will still meet remotely for an INSET day on Monday 1st June to discuss our way forward for summer term 2.
    2. For summer term 2 we will continue to provide ongoing support for our vulnerable students and the children of key workers.
    3. It is still only Y10 and Y12 who will be invited into school at the moment from Monday 15th June.
    4. There must be a maximum of a quarter of students from these year groups in school at any one time.
    5. The key message from the Government seems to be that our plans must avoid too much mixing of staff and children.
    6. Movement to and from school by our students is going to be the most difficult issue for parents and school staff to manage. It is quite clear that the children must still continue with the social distancing strategy that seems to have reduced the impact of the virus so far. We will ensure that we stagger starts and finishes, but we will need your help in educating the children so that they do not gather in groups or walk together in groups whilst on the way to/from the campus.

I wish you all the best for the rest of this week and will update everyone again at the beginning of next week or earlier if we have more information.

Sylvia Thomas