Exploring the links between Shakespeare and Hip Hop with The Sonnet Man

The Sonnet Man Year 7 bronze Arts Award students were privileged to work with Devon Glover aka The Sonnet Man on Monday 1st April. The Sonnet Man flew in all the way from Brooklyn to help Wykham Park students explore the links between Shakespeare and Hip Hop; writing their own rhythmic sonnets and performing them to The Sonnet Man in true Bard style! Later on in the day, Year 10 joined the Year 7 students to watch The Sonnet Man perform some of Shakespeare’s most famous sonnets to a hip hop track. The performance not only emphasises how relevant and cool Shakespeare is, but how to read Shakespeare correctly using iambic pentameter.  A truly inspiring day that has got students engaging with some of the more challenging Shakespeare exam texts and inspiring them to start penning their own thoughts and feelings.

The Sonnet Man at Wykham Park Academy