The Wykham Park College System

Our Vertical Tutoring System

Year 7 – 10 students are allocated to one of three colleges named after National Trust properties in Oxfordshire’s neighbouring counties. School Council members worked on the new names for September 2018.

Charlecote – led by Miss Jenny Irvine (red ties)

Dyrham – led by Madame Foster (blue ties)

Newark – led by Mr Smith (green ties)

Students are mentored in vertical mentoring groups where older students mix with younger students. Each college has an assembly once a week and specified activities in the other mentor slots during the week.

Year 11 students (yellow ties) are taken out of the college system when they leave Year 10 so that we can focus our attentions on the specific issues this year group has in the lead up to their external exams. All will have either maths, English or science mentoring three times a week and there is a year group assembly once a week.