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Best ever GCSE results for Banbury Aspirations Campus

GCSE Results Day22 August 2019
Today is a proud day for Year 11 at the Banbury Aspirations campus. Results are the best ever for the two schools. This is testament to the incredible hard work that staff and students put in over the last few years. Executive principal, Sylvia Thomas, said, “Students should be thrilled with their results at both Wykham Park Academy and Space Studio Banbury. We look forward to welcoming many of them back to our outstanding sixth form next year. I cannot thank staff enough for going above and beyond to ensure that our wonderful students gained the success they have”.

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Students celebrating another bumper crop of outstanding grades in A-level results

15 August 2019
Students at Banbury Aspirations Campus are celebrating another bumper crop of outstanding grades in their A-level results. The class of 2019, double in numbers from the previous year, clocked up more A* grades than the campus has ever witnessed, marking yet another year of excellent academic and personal achievements for students at the school.

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Fantastic bespoke visit to the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Rutherford Appleton LaboratoryYear 9 at Space Studio Banbury (with 6 new members who will be joining in September) had a fantastic bespoke visit to the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. They had talks from eminent scientists about the amazing work done at RAL with special focus on the James Webb telescope which will be launched in 2021. In the Catapult facility they had an intriguing view of how satellites can be used to track vessels at sea and spot illegal activity.

They also got the chance to stress test their own designs!

A brilliant day out for aspiring scientists and engineers.

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Made in Banbury

‘Made in Banbury’ on BBC Radio Oxford

Students from Banbury Aspirations Campus sixth form appeared on BBC Radio Oxford as part of a week of ‘Made in Banbury’ programming. You can hear the show and find the interviews at 2:05:50.

Breakfast show host David Prever asked students about their career plans, and Umair said, “Banbury’s a great town – a lot of people like to go to big cities but personally I like the fact that it’s a small town because we all know each other and we all get along. We have good schools, good people, good colleges to help you decide what you want to do in the future.”

Natasha agreed with his positive assessment. “There are lots of businesses in Banbury and the surrounding area, like Magna and Norbar, BMW and Mini. I’m hoping to work with Dematic, an American company, and I’ll be doing mechanical design. For me the apprenticeship route is what I want to do.”

BBC Oxford’s David Prever noted that “Banbury’s very lucky geographically because it’s in such a fabulous part of the country, with access not just to Oxfordshire, but other counties as well.

“You’ve got Amazon here, Prodrive just down the road with lots of Aston Martins and motor tech, Douwe Egberts, Hello Fresh, Newlyweds Foods – a long list for what is after all a fairly small market town.”

Sea Cadets visit SSBSea Cadets visit Year 9

Year 9 in SSB had a fantastic visit from the Sea Cadet’s education department. Their buoyancy workshop was great fun and the pupils also got to see marine engines and look at electric motors.

Commanding Officer of Banbury Sea Cadets SCC, Stephen Shepherd, was there to provide support and teach about pulleys.

If you are interested in joining the Sea Cadets do come and ask in SSB.

Bronze winnersStudents gain Bronze Certificates in The Duke of York’s iDEA scheme
Jess and Daria, Year 9 students at Space Studio, are the first two students in Banbury to gain Bronze Certificates in The Duke of York’s iDEA scheme. This new scheme is like The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in that it is internationally recognized but it focuses on Digital and Enterprise skills. They had to complete badges on skills in four categories: Citizen, Worker, Maker and Entrepreneur.

Badges include understanding how to design a web page and keeping yourself safe online.

Well done to all who are working on their badges!

Dr Pickup

Edtech 50 Schools posterEdtech 50 Schools

The Education Foundation received many nominations for the Edtech 50 Schools and wanted to recognise schools that were developing imaginative uses of digital to support teaching and learning.

The ‘Ones to Watch’ section celebrates schools and highlights their positive work. Their entry for Space Studio recognises that we are a school for those interested in Science, Maths, Engineering and Space. Piloting the effective application of VR, AR and web-based technology within lessons with UK’s first onsite Virtual Reality Suite.

Dr Pickup

NASA students at Queensway schoolScience Day at Queensway School

Miss Randall and the Nasa 2019 students attended the science day at Queensway Primary school, where they delivered two sessions to year 6 students. They spent the day building and launching rockets. The students were very inspired and had a great time learning about Nasa!

At Collins AerospaceCollins Aerospace Banbury

We took a trip down to Collins Aerospace Banbury on two separate occasions. On our first visit, the hydraulics team briefed us on their AEP project for us. They then offered us the opportunity to present our project’s work to them. They gave us useful critique and advice for our presentation.
We’d like to thank our client for this amazing opportunity.

Dr Pickup