School to use digital classrooms for home schooling during closures from coronavirus outbreak

Ms Hetherington, Vice Principal of Banbury Aspirations Campus explains how Aspirations have have spent months preparing for this outcome and have digital classrooms ready to roll out to try and minimise disruption to learning for students.

Ms Hetherington

 ‘’We live in a digital world. Google classroom ensures children learn in the same way at the same time. Teachers get notifications if things are incomplete and can mark it remotely. Students are also able to interact with their teachers and also receive feedback.

‘’Teachers will follow the normal timetable and upload a lesson to the classroom for the students to access and there will also be work for the student to complete and then submit back to their teacher. Students will also be able to ask questions of their teacher clarifying what needs to be done or ask for help.

‘’All students will also go home with paper, their Google classroom codes, and paper based booklets.’’ said Ms Hetherington.

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