Science Week NASA Assembly

On the morning of the 6th March, four Sixth Form students from Space Studio Banbury shared their experiences of their recent trip to NASA with a room full of curious young minds at Harriers Banbury Academy, as part of their Science Week activities. Giving an assembly is an intimidating task, but Soniya, Callum, Jonathan and Toben did an admirable job: their enthusiasm for science and its applications in space exploration was infectious. They had also clearly understood the universal appeal of big rockets, including lots of pictures of them on their slides. Our hosts had nothing but positive comments about their presentation, stating that the students were a credit to their school and that their manner with the children was fantastic.

The question and answer session at the end was a definite highlight, with pupil’s questions ranging from ‘how did you get there?’ and ‘how long did you stay?’ to ‘how close can you get to a neutron star before you die?’ and ‘could we one day live on Mars?’. The SSB students answered these questions in good humour, demonstrating their deep scientific knowledge and satisfying children’s natural curiosity. The assembly was even extended to allow those from the older year groups to ask more questions – the sheer number of hands up was great to see. It was clear from the looks on children’s faces that they left the assembly inspired: this was just one small step for our Sixth Formers, but a potentially huge leap forward in inspiring the next generation of astronauts, engineers and scientists.

Miss Kozma