Students visit NASA for a trip of a lifetime

Four very lucky students from Banbury Aspirations Campus Sixth Form earnt the opportunity to visit NASA to see the American space industry located in Texas and Florida. They took off on 13th February and returned on 22nd February.

The NASA students with Mr Sterland

Toben, Soniya, Callum and Jonathan accompanied by Mr Sterland, had a wonderful trip and experienced what it is like to be working at the frontier of science, and to meet the engineers, scientists and astronauts who will take humanity to the moon, Mars and beyond.

Through reflecting on past successes and failures and looking to the future technologies the study visit will hopefully inspire the participants into reaching for the stars and being part of this new mission of exploration.

The participants were expected to record the experience through diaries and images to allow them to share it with a wider community whilst in America and on their return.

Soniya made this video of her adventures and wrote this report:

My whole experience was full of adventure and exhilaration. I have learned a lot from this trip. All the engineers I have met and talked to has this passion and enthusiasm about their career. Being around people with the same interests as me towards the space industry has influenced me to go ahead and has given me a knowledge of what I want to be doing in future. I feel really honoured to be part of this trip and been able to meet people like Dustin Neill, Robert D. Cabana (Director of Kennedy Space Centre) and David Alexander OBE. This kind of interaction with engineers and astronauts has broaden my knowledge and given me skills and confidence to able to talk with people about my passion.

Jonathan wrote about the trip:

My trip to NASA was above and beyond what I could have hoped for. Throughout the journey I was provided with new information and knowledge that broadened my understanding of science, the space industry, and the potential of my own future. Every amazing person in each incredible place was a true inspiration to me; I learned that the cutting edge requires much of people working there; we are offered careers and opportunities for any variety of skills. I deepened my knowledge of NASA’s history, hearing about many events as they were experienced from the ground. We met those who had entered space in person, and all the crucial people involved in getting them there.

Here is Callum‘s report:

The trip to NASA with SEA was not only enjoyable, but also educational. With many visitors giving an insight of what it is like to work in the space industry, and interesting talks from Mike and Richard, I feel I have learnt so much that benefits my education with my A-Level choices. The trip has also inspired me to work much harder as I have seen what happens when you do through meeting people who have achieved their goals! 

You can see more photos of this amazing trip on Twitter @WykhamPark or on Space Studio Banbury NASA trip of a lifetime 2019 gallery.

On their return, the four Sixth Form students shared their experiences of their recent trip to NASA with a room full of curious young minds at Harriers Banbury Academy. Read more here.


Kennedy Space Centre

NASA trip winners

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