Law A level – AQA Exam Board

Course Entry Requirements: English Language at Grade 5 or above

Law is a well-developed, traditional and academic study of the main principles that make up English and Welsh Law. Students will develop their knowledge, understanding and critical awareness of the English legal system and how laws are made and executed. The course will then focus on three substantive areas of Law – Criminal Law, Tort Law and either Contract Law or Human Rights. Students will develop a wide range of skills including communication, problem solving and analytic skills among a range of others. Students will learn how to communicate legal arguments clearly, succulently and effectively.


Three written exams – each 2 hours and worth 33% of the final grade (no coursework) –

  1. Criminal Law and English Legal System
  2. Tort Law and English Legal System
  3. Contract Law OR Human Rights and English Legal System


The study of Law helps develop students’ analytical ability and critical thinking. It also develops problem solving skills through the application of legal rules. Study at A level provides a useful background for the further study of law either as the main subject or subsidiary part of a degree, foundation degree or for the many professional qualifications which have a Law component. Material and skills studied would be also useful for candidates intending to pursue business careers or careers in journalism or even teaching.