Mathematics A level

Course Entry Requirements: Grade 7/8/9 at GCSE Mathematics, a high grade 6 will be considered.

Students build a strong platform of core skills (algebra, trigonometry, curve sketching and calculus) which can be applied in a variety of increasingly challenging problems, as well as modelling real life situations in statistics and mechanics. We use a variety of approaches: teacher led explanations, modelling good practice, questioning, individual work, interactive games and peer demonstrations.


The content of A level mathematics is now the same for all exam boards. All students are required to study statistics and mechanics as well as pure mathematics. Although they are now separate qualifications, the AS content is still required for the A-level. Therefore all year 12 students will cover AS mathematics in year 12 and then be entered for the AS at the end of the year. This is examined by 2 written papers. The A level qualification will be taken in 3 written papers at the end of year 13.


A-Level Maths is a much sought-after qualification for entry into a wide variety of employment and higher education, being a valuable support to areas such as Science, Geography, Psychology, Business and Medicine, as well as a fascinating subject in its own right. A good Maths qualification is regarded highly both by employers and universities, often leading to higher salaries.