Media Studies A-Level Eduqas

Grade 5 in GCSE Media with Grade 5 in English Literature desired – necessary if no Media GCSE in place

The course is split between theory, research and production tasks, with the teaching and learning environment designed to bridge the gap between teacher-led tasks and collaborative university seminars.

Media theories are introduces initially, with the application of them to a variety of media texts assessed every few weeks. From the 2nd term production begins and lessons are split between theory and pre-production assessment and creative production.

Case Studies for the exam are worked on throughout the year and are independent modules of study, assessed by the teacher every 3 weeks.


At each assessment point students are assessed on their understanding of different Media texts and the four main media concepts – audience, institution, representation, forms and language.

The Summer exams are 70% weighting and assess A01-A02
The course-work production is 30% weighting and assesses AO3

A01: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework of media and the contexts of media and their influence on media products and processes

A02: Apply knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework when analysing media products and their contexts. Demonstrate the ability to evaluate academic theories and make judgements and draw conclusions

AO3: Create media products for an intended audience by applying knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework of media to communicate meaning


Broadcasting, Reporting and presenting
Film Making
Pre and Post Production and editing
Set Design
Graphic Design
Game Development
Music video Production
Copy Editing Script Writing Creative Writing