Psychology A level AQA

Course Entry Requirements: GCSE English Language at grade 5, GCSE Mathematics at grade 4, GCSE Science at grade 5. Grade 4 considered alongside other GCSE grades

Psychology is the scientific study of human mind and behaviour. This A level course will introduce you to the major theoretical perspectives currently used in Psychology, and further develop your understanding of why animals and humans behave the way they do.


In the AS level there are six key topics you will study, these are:  Social Influence, Memory, Attachment, Approaches in Psychology (inc. Biopsychology), Psychopathology and Research Methods. If students continue to the A level, they will also study: Issues and Debates in Psychology, Cognitive Development, Forensic Psychology and Schizophrenia.

Whether students complete the AS or the A level, Psychology is 100% examination.  At AS level, the two examination papers are introductory topics in Psychology and Psychology in Context. Each paper is 90 minutes and is worth 50% of the AS level.  The A level consists of three examination papers. Each are 2 hours long, they are named Introductory Topics in Psychology, Psychology in Context and Issues and Options in Psychology. Each A level Examination paper is worth 33.3% of the A level.

The AS Level papers are sat by students after completing year 12. If students are successful they will then sit the A level papers at the end of year 2.


Psychology A level can lead to many different career paths. Students in the past have secured places on courses are varied as Children’s Nursing, Social Work, Neuroscience, Criminology, Applied Psychology, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy. Psychology is a useful subject due to the need to understand how to work with people.