Students celebrating another bumper crop of outstanding grades in A-level results

Students at Banbury Aspirations Campus are celebrating another bumper crop of outstanding grades in their A-level results. The class of 2019, double in numbers from the previous year, clocked up more A* grades than the campus has ever witnessed, marking yet another year of excellent academic and personal achievements for students at the school.

Sylvia Thomas, Principal, said, “We are very thrilled with the outstanding success of our students in the more demanding A levels. It is pleasing to witness all of our students securing the university place of their choice. Special mention goes to the twins Mary and Elizabeth with a clutch of 5 A* and 2A between them. They are going to do a gap year volunteering first before going to St Andrew and Lancaster respectively. There is a strong performance across the board which is particularly reflected in computer science, further mathematics and mathematics. The amazing partnership between staff and students and the hard work has paid off. Credit to all staff on the campus for working tirelessly with all students to enable them to gain the successes we see today.”

With the many individual successes, Josh A. is off to the prestigious Warwick campus to study computer science on the back of his excellent grades. Although this is the first year of our new engineering course, all of the students gained either a distinction star or a distinction which is extraordinary.  All students who have applied for university have got into the institution of their choice and this year we have a group who are going on to high level apprenticeships as their preferred option. We wish to thank all parents for their support over the last two years and look forward to following future achievements of their children through the next few years of their lives.

Another notable performance comes from Lewis B. who will be studying marine biology at Swansea University having achieved BBD.  He said, “I am doing a course where I can build some industrial links for the future. I am definitely going to get my diving qualifications as well.”