Year 10 students take part in mock interviews for Careers Day

Y10 Careers Day interviewsOn 12th March, Year 10 students took part in mock interviews. Local business representatives volunteered to support the school and to put Year 10 students through some tough questioning in order to prepare them for life in the workplace.

Michelle Patterson from The Apprenticeship & Training Company Ltd, said:

“I was so impressed by the attitudes of the young people that I saw today.  Aside from how well they did in their individual interviews they were all well turned out and very polite and I felt very welcome as a visitor to the school.  The year 10 students that I interviewed today are a real credit to the school.  It was lovely to come into a school and hear students speaking about their achievements and recognising what a positive difference they can make to themselves and to those around them.  I think this has been such a worthwhile exercise and I hope that the students will feel more confident about speaking to potential employers in the future.  I will be very happy to support any similar events in the future.”

Y10 Careers Day interviews

Student Quotes:

“Before the interview I didn’t want to go in because I was very nervous, and then after the interview I felt calm and confident that it had gone well.” Tiffany

“After the interview I felt proud of myself  because I answered all questions confidently” Amy

After the interview I felt relieved and realised it was nothing to worry about” Kyle

After the interview I found it helpful as I had gained this experience.”  Kiya

We were very proud of all the students in year 10, as some of them were nervous. We will be sharing individual feedback in mentor time over the next few weeks.

Y10 Careers Day interviewers