Year 7 students meet Victoria Prentis, MP

“Demos Kratos, rule by the people, is where the people are allowed their say and get to vote. For many countries e.g. Hong Kong, it isn’t as free and people don’t get their say. We did a three-week project on how we as year 7 pupils could change the school for the better. The groups were voted on and we had a winner, that group is to go to the Houses of Parliament. On Monday 21st October our local MP, Victoria Prentis came into school and talked to us about her job and what’s going on with Brexit at the moment. In fact, when she left us she caught a train straight to the Houses of Parliament for a meeting.” Max Year 7

Victoria Prentis came and visited Wykham Park Academy. She told us about how she was Banbury’s MP and what was going on with Brexit. She predicted what was going to happen the next day and she was right. She let us ask questions and more. It was very fascinating.” Lotanna Year 7